Easy Countertop Cooking With The DeLonghi Convection Toaster Oven

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Convection Cooking From A Name You Can Trust.

Delonghi Oven With ConvectionThe DeLonghi Company was founded in Italy 100+ years ago as a craftsman’s workshop. In 1980 the company was introduced to the United States and since that time Deloghi has continued to expand and grow producing appliances for comfort and the kitchen. DeLonghi’s simple mission is “To offer consumers innovative home appliances with a distinctive combination of style and performance”.

DeLonghi is principally known for their coffee makers, such as their super automatic coffee machines. Coffee is not the only sector they produce appliances for though with kitchen appliances, ironing appliances and in home air conditioning (to name a few) also being part of DeLonghi’s product lines. One of their highly rated products is a countertop convection oven and it has adhered to the company mission of delivering innovative products.





DeLonghi Details:

(Varies Per Model)

  • This toaster oven cooks with convection, which means that it has incorporated a fan to move air around the cooking chamber to provide a 30 to 40% faster cooking time, while at the same time browning perfectly on the outside while keeping the inside of the food moist and juicy.
  • The  oven is a large capacity appliance and is able to bake 2 – 12 inch pizzas simultaneously.Cook 2 Pizzas At Once
  • It comes complete with 8 pre-programmed pizza settings along with a smart cookie function that will have you baking perfect batches of cookies each and every time.
  • A user friendly lighted digital control panel has been incorporated to give you complete control over your whole cooking experience.
  • The Oven will also cook six slices of toast simultaneously.  Simply use the toast color selector for the darkness of toast you want, and then wait until the automatic shut-off tells you it’s done.
  • Do you like dried fruits and vegetables?  Then just use the handy dehydration kit.
  • A light has also been added to the interior of the Oven, which has become a favorite with purchasers.
  • The Durastone II interior makes cleanup ridiculously easy.
  • A removable crumb tray makes it a simple task to remove those annoying food particles that fall to the bottom of the oven.
  • Settings include bake, bake with convection, defrost, broil, toast (6-slice capacity), pizza (2 – pizza capacity), dehydrator, smart cookies and keep warm.
  • An audible beep sounds when the Toaster Oven has finished pre-heating.
  • Accessories include Durastone II baking pan and broil tray, two wire racks, two cookie trays, dehydrator kit and pizza tray.
  • A one year limited warranty is includes with the machine.

As you can see this DeLonghi oven comes with a full complement of features.  The benefit of all these features will be to have you cooking chicken, pork loin, rib roast, potatoes, cakes and cookies in no time at all without having to fire up your big oven to accomplish it. 

Now you’re probably curious as to what real folks have had to say about this Convection Oven after they’d purchased it.  Believe it or not an amazing 80% of those folks that left reviews on Amazon .com gave it a 4 star or higher rating stating that they were happy with their purchase.

To see more of the DeLonghi toaster oven, read customer reviews or to purchase simply click on any image and a new page will open to provide you with more information and a buying opportunity.




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