The Cuisinart CMW-200 Convection Oven And Grill

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The Best Of Both Combined Into One.

Cuisinart CMW-200
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Possibly you’ve been toying with the decision of whether you need a microwave oven or convection oven. After all each offers their own unique set of features and benefits. Well now there’s no need to decide between either, you can have both with the Cuisinart CMW-200.

This convection oven, microwave and grill not only combines the best of microwaving and convection cooking it’s also smart enough to know when to switch between the two. That’s right this machine will automatically switch between microwaving and convection at just the right time to provide you with perfect results. This is known as multistage cooking and is part of this new generation microwave from Cuisinart.

So let’s jump in and take a closer look at all the features this machine has to offer. I’m sure you’ll be able to decide in short order and it’s just the countertop cooking appliance for you.

The CMW-200 Details:

  • The machine has 1000 W of cooking power and a 1.2 cubic foot capacity.
  • Its exterior is very stylish with a brushed stainless steel exterior and dark tinted glass window.
  • The stainless steel interior is easy to clean and also eliminates any possibility of odors being absorbed.
  • The touch-pad controls and LCD screen are prominently featured on the face of the machine.
  • The control panel comes with a child lock so that young fingers cannot inadvertently start the machine.
  • You can use the internal memory to enter up to three cooking procedures with each one having between one and two stages.
  • The control panel has express cooking abilities for microwave as well as convection cooking. This provides simple push button operation for some your favorite dishes.
  • You can bake, roast or grill whatever you wish without having to use the microwave function at all.
  • Contains two defrost functions which allow you to defrost by weight or time.
  • Comes with a rotating 12 inch glass tray and a grill rack that is reversible.
  • A handy 40 page recipe book for microwave convection cooking is also included.
  • The very convenient multistage cooking option makes it possible for the machine to be set so that when one task is completed it will automatically switch to the next.
  • Has a three-year limited warranty.



Yes this microwave convection combination contains a lot of features and a lot of different things it can do. What do real people have to say about it though once it was purchased it? To tell you the truth I was a bit surprised by some folk’s reaction

The machine has only been able to garner a 3.2 star out of 5 rating. That surprise me to the point that I decided to do a little digging and find out exactly why it was rated at this level. Not to my surprise it appears that the operation of the machine is just complicated enough that many people don’t do it correctly. This is true especially when they don’t read the manual, so a lot of the criticism in some of the reviews appears to be caused by simple user error. Unfortunately this causes bad reviews to be left.

Our suggestion would be that if you’re on the fence about this one simply purchase it and put it through its paces before the 30 day no questions asked return period expires.

To get more information on this machine, read the customer reviews or to purchase it simply click on any image and a new window will open to fulfill your request.



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