The Hamilton Beach Convection Oven – One Of The Few With A Rotisserie

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And Probably The Largest Countertop Oven You Can Find.

Hamilton Beach 31199R

Hamilton Beach is a well-known name in kitchen equipment and has many great appliances that it offers to consumers.  One of those appliances is the Hamilton Beach Convection Oven.  The oven is not your normal toaster oven when you consider that it comes with convection cooking and the ability to cook up to a five-pound chicken.

This Countertop Oven is a real standout.

An additional item that makes this oven a standout from the countertop oven crowd is the rotisserie feature, which is rare find in small ovens. Also in making the oven large enough to accommodate the 5 pound chicken, they also made it possible for this oven to cook two 12 inch pizzas simultaneously as well.

Makes baking and cleanup a breeze.

If you’re into baking you’ll just love the large dimensions of this oven. This oven has dimensions of 21” long x 18” wide x 15 1/2” high and will accommodate most of the standard size baking pans with little to no trouble. Another great benefit of this appliance is its ease of cleaning, simply pull the crumb tray out, toss any material into the garbage can and then wash it normally in the sink or dishwasher.



The specifics.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included with the Hamilton Beach Oven.

Hamilton Beach Countertop Oven Chicken

  • The oven is extra-large capacity with functions for grilling, baking, convection usage and rotisserie operation.
  • It has a large interior cooking area that has no trouble handling and 5 pound chicken and two 12 inch pizzas (chicken and pizzas are cooked separately).
  • Includes an on board timer that can be set from 10 to 120 minutes with a convenient “stay on” option and a temperature adjustment that goes up to a whopping 500° Fahrenheit.
  • Included in the package are two cooking racks, rotisserie lifter, broiler rack and a rotisserie skewer.

What do customers say?

One good indicator of how good a product is, is what other people say about it.  And what do people who have purchased this product have to say about it?  Well over 70% of those people have given it a 4 star rating or higher, with most saying they would purchase it again and recommend it to others.


Are there some drawbacks to this machine?  Yes there are.  One of them is that because it can be heated to 500°, this machine can and will get very hot, thus it should not be used where young fingers may touch it.  One other thing that some folks may consider a drawback is the fact that the temperature control knob is only marked in increments of 100°and may take some guesswork to adjust to smaller increments.  If you’re like most people that own it though you’ll find yourself using this oven more than you do your big built-in one.

Now I’m going to give you some really great information about this oven, and it’s the price.  Believe it or not this oven is available for below $100.00.

To get further information on this great convection oven, read the customer reviews or to purchase simply click on the machines image and a new window will open to provide you with the information you requested.



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