Cook Cooler And More Evenly.

While full size convection ranges have continued to grab market share as far as the number of units sold, convection cooking abilities have also been showing up in countertop units as well.  Yes countertop version can be a great way to cook by reducing the actual temperature required for cooking or reducing the time it takes to cook the same item. This allows you to conserve energy as well as time.  These new ovens can also in some instances double duty as a rotisserie, which means that some great rotisserie chicken may be in your future.

Small But Powerful Appliances.

Although these units lack the bulky size of their slide-in cousins they can perform most of their same functions and at a fraction of the cost.  As families continue to get smaller and baby boomers realize they have an empty nest, a smaller oven may be just the item needed for preparing those quick meals and those times that you don’t want to heat up the large oven just to cook a potato or fish sticks.

How Does Convection Work?

One of the big questions we get is how does convection cooking actually work? The big misnomer associated with cooking this way is the word convection. Since all cooking is done through convection, this type of cooking should more appropriately be called forced air convection cooking. The way it operates is with a fan located in the unit that blows air around the cooking chamber. This air movement strips away the thin layer of cooler air that surrounds the food being cooked. Because the cooler air is now gone it allows the oven to cook at a lower temperature or shorten cooking time using the same temperature. Generally it’s easier to utilize a recipes standard cooking time and simply reduce the cooking temperature by 25° than to try and figure out how much to shorten up the cooking time by.

Another big plus in cooking with countertop unit or any convection for that matter is the fact that the food will simply cook and brown more evenly. This can again be attributed to all the air that is being moved around inside the cooking area. As an example, when cooking a chicken in a conventional oven even browning is difficult at best to accomplish, that is until forced air convection is brought into the picture. The same is true for trying to bake multiple sheets cookies, which with convection becomes simple.

  Numerous Ovens To Choose From.

When searching for a new countertop machine you’ll find that there’s no lack of products to choose from. You’ll see all the big names you’ve come to know and trust, names like Black & Decker, Sharp, DeLonghi, Oster and Hamilton Beach, just to name a few. You’ll also be presented with high quality commercial grade ovens, in addition to the toaster ovens that have added convection cooking to their already successful lines. So as you see your choices are going to be many and varied and it’s important that you get the oven that is right for you.

Here at Countertop we offer a wide variety of ovens to choose from. We will also offer in the coming months a growing number of product reviews and tips for you to read through and use in your search for the perfect oven.

Time To Choose!

So it’s time to get cooking and I know you’re going to want to do it faster, more efficiently and with less power. Looks like it’s time to get that new countertop oven!

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